The Final

Capturing the drama and the elation at the IPL 2023 Final. With Aman Khan, Anand Subramaniam, Ameya Tilak

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IPL 2023 
Cinematographer | Editor | Producer

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Snapshot of match day deliverables during IPL 2023 for the BCCI.

My role as a "Digital Preditor" was to shoot, produce and edit content for all of IPL's digital platforms. I produced over 80 pieces of content during the tournament, these digital deliverables included Reels, Match day Preview shows, colour stories, Practice Reels, match day content and a Post match show.

A few examples of content during the tournament:
Big Stage

Working primarily out of the Bangalore and Chennai venues, I had the opportunity and the privilege to work with some of biggest names in Indian cricket.
Unplugged with...

Shot and produced a series with various players in their natural environment. Produced by and with Rajal Arora.
BTS of the IPL Mid Show

Behind the scenes and teaser look at the biggest mid show ever produced for the IPL.