Drama at the MCG - India v Pakistan

Editor - Dayle Stancliffe
Shooters - Alok Utsav, Dominic Norton, Dayle Stancliffe, Steven N, Jack Watson, ICC TV
ICC Men's t20 Worldcup 
Cinematographer | Editor | Producer

Digital, Sports, Cricket


Snapshot of match day deliverables during the ICC Men's T20 Worldcup 2022 in Australia.

My role as a "Digital Preditor" was to shoot, produce and edit content for the ICC's digital platforms. Digital deliverables included Reels, Match day Preview shows, Colour stories, Practice Reels, Match Day content and a Post match show.

I worked on 20 matches during the tournament, and the biggest one by far was IND v Pak at the MCG with 90,000 fans cheering their teams.

A few examples of match day content deliverables during the worldcup:
The Big Time Preview

5 min preview show with experts and bytes from players shot and edited a day before the match. Over the course of the tournament, I worked on 10 episodes of The Big Time Preview.

Producer: Divya Bhagat
Second cam: Dominic Norton
Insider: Sanjana Ganesan
ICC Manager: Siddharth Ravindran
Pre Match Reels

Short reels that are fun and for building hype before matches. Sometimes moments are planned and sometimes you're at the right place at the right time.
Fly on the wall with the Man of the Moment

Behind the scenes of a very tense match. Shot simultaneously on the phone and camera. 
Fan content - Raw Energy

Capturing the stadium atmosphere and the energy of 90,000 fans as they gear up for the huge match.